Our Curriculum

At Computer Kids Day care Inc., we implement The Creative Curriculum which incorporates big ideas, varied and engaging activities and a sense of continuity as a way to stimulate students, teachers and even families.  Additional information in our specific program is listed below.


“The Discovers” provides individual attention and care to our little Discoverers.  All infants receive periods of stimulation through planned and spontaneous interaction with staff, other infants, and available materials.  Daily communication between parents and staff is ongoing. Each developmental milestone is carefully encouraged and nurtured.

Y Toddler

“The Explorers” addresses the need of providing a feeling of security away from mom and dad, while learning that others are fun to play with.  Daily activities include group circle time, introduction to colors and shapes, as well as songs, stories, dance and art activities. Gross motor skills are refined through physical activity and Performing Arts.

older Toddler

“The Adventurers” includes entering a world of circle time, potty training and improvement of cognitive and motor skills.  Circle time introduces the calendar, the weather as well as ABC, colors, shapes and numbers. Children are encouraged to express themselves verbally and are given positive reinforcement.   Small motor skills are improved by using a spoon, tearing paper, using puzzles, manipulating play dough, painting and coloring.


“The Dexters” introduces children to our computers!  Children engage in appropriate computer technology. Children are introduced to Dexter, our mascot, the world’s smartest computer who is just waiting for children to tap on the little keyboard and engage themselves in fun learning activities.  In addition to circle time, learning about the weather, colors shapes and numbers, our preschool curriculum features exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity and lifelong critical thinking skills.

After School

Our Afterschool Program, helps children get ready for a happy productive school day in the morning and reinforces the learning process at the end of the day.  Students will be provided with homework assistance, a meal & snack, and the opportunity to relax after a long day of school.